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One of the most crucial aspects to think about when planning kitchen remodeling or kitchen design is whether or not you want pantry cupboards. Given all the advantages it provides, a pantry can be a wonderful addition to any kitchen. We'll look at 5 reasons why every kitchen needs a pantry in this article.

If you decide you want to add a pantry to your house, there are many different types available, so you can select the one that is best for you.

closet pantry

The most typical type of pantry is a walk-in pantry. Since this design is normally installed on an exterior wall, it won't occupy any kitchen space and can be added later if necessary. For storing items like kitchen appliances, pots and pans, dry foods, and non-perishables, this pantry is typically set up with u-shaped drawers and shelves that wrap around all of the walls except for the entrance.

cooking pantry

A pantry cupboards in the kitchen is one that is situated there. Typically, this style of pantry offers storage space in the form of shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Kitchen knives, chopping boards, plates, and other dinnerware are considerably more handy in addition to your canned goods and non-perishables. Because kitchen type pantries don't need as much room to hold a big number of cooking items, like pots and pans, they are often smaller than walk-in versions.

pantry and laundry room

There will be a pantry in the laundry room, which is separate from the kitchen. In most cases, it has a washer and dryer, which serve as the pantry's primary appliances. These aren't very functional as pantries because they are typically always stocked with clothing.

Drawer pantry

A pull-out pantry cupboards is often tall and narrow and will be installed in the kitchen, where it will appear to be a conventional cupboard area. It unfolds on rollers like a drawer but has shelves inside for improved organizing. The greatest items to store in this kind of cabinet are food products like herbs and spices as well as possibly smaller accessories like kitchen knives.

5 advantages of a pantry

Let's look at five wonderful advantages of adding a pantry to your kitchen.

Common storage

Pantries provide your kitchen more storage space - It's no secret that kitchens have a little amount of storage. This means that finding a home for everything in your kitchen can occasionally be challenging. However, having a large enough pantry can ensure that there is always enough place for all of your stuff when combined with additional cabinets and drawers (and then some).

Additional ease

Having a pantry makes cooking more practical. The installation of a kitchen pantry might be fantastic if you enjoy cooking. It enables quick and simple access to whatever you might need while cooking. Your pantry cupboards enables for better organization and much simpler access to products that you commonly use in the kitchen as opposed to everything being squeezed into insufficient closet and cabinet space.

flair and style

Kitchens with pantries can look fantastic. While kitchen pantries come in a variety of forms, including open shelf units and pull-out pantries, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and drawers are frequently quite plain-looking (and perhaps even unsightly). That the pantry looks so excellent is a result of its organization.

a place to keep your kitchen's appliances

When you have a pantry, you will always have a space to store all the big kitchen appliances you want. The ideal location for kitchen appliances that you don't use every day but require access to is a pantry cupboards. A kitchen pantry is frequently the ideal option if there isn't enough closet or cabinet space in your kitchen for these goods.

long-term food preservation

Large quantities of non-perishable foods and dry commodities can be stored. Dry goods and non-perishable food products can be conveniently stored in your kitchen pantry, much like kitchen equipment can. All of this results in a kitchen with fewer clutter and bigger food reserves for unforeseen future events.

The kitchen is often referred to as the "heart of the home" because it is where we cook food, eat, and spend time with our families. Because of this, maintaining a seamless family routine frequently depends on having a functional kitchen.

The first step in improving your kitchen's functionality is to set up an organization system. The pantry is the ideal area to begin your kitchen organization efforts!

An organized pantry cupboards will assist you and your kitchen in the following ways:

Make the most of your kitchen's space.

Similar to organizing any other room in the house, organizing your pantry will increase the amount of space you have to keep things. With more room in your pantry, you can get rid of extra things that have been crammed onto your worktops and piled high in your cabinets. Your kitchen will feel bigger, cleaner, and more pleasant to use and be in if this clutter is lessened.

Easily and quickly locate what you require.

When you are aware of where everything is and can quickly obtain it when needed, your kitchen becomes more functional. You won't have to waste time searching through kitchen cabinets and pantry cupboards for the dishes or ingredients you need because you'll know precisely where to look and can go right on to the next step of your recipe. You can prepare meals, cook them, and even clean up more quickly and effectively if your pantry is organized, giving you more time to spend on the activities you enjoy and tend to other obligations.

Save money when buying food.

A pantry cupboards organization system makes it simple to quickly identify the goods you have and don't have. You'll be able to better keep track of ingredients and non-perishables, preventing you from purchasing extra items at the shop when you already have what you need at home. You can easily keep track of expiration dates if you have any perishable pantry items, like bread or fruit, to make sure you aren't throwing away anything you've already bought.

Turn to Chicago Closets & Cabinetry for pantry organization solutions that transform your kitchen into a more useful, lovely, and pleasurable place. We create and set up specialized pantry and kitchen cabinet organizing systems that are made for your area and your particular requirements.

To get started with a free quote for your project, get in touch with our team right away!

Old world pantry concepts have seen a significant resurgence recently. Butler's pantries weren't given much area because of the open floor plan ideas that have been so prevalent over the past 20 years. However, that is altering.

People are now rediscovering this forgotten area's magic, usefulness, and beauty. It might soon become as necessary to modern life as a kitchen!


A scullery is different from an old-fashioned butler's pantry, where priceless silverware and beautiful china were kept. In the past, butlers frequently slept in these spaces to prevent theft of pricey heirloom objects.

A contemporary pantry

Although a pantry today can take many different forms, they are still frequently found next to the dining room and are used for storage, food preparation area, and other things.

These pantries are typically located between the dining room and kitchen by interior designers. As seen in the images of a butler's pantry above, a corridor frequently serves as a pass through.

A Pantry Cupboards in the Modern World: 6 Reasons

There are a lot of wonderful reasons why someone might wish to incorporate a pantry into the design of their new custom house. Here are a some of the reasons our clients adore this stunning area:

  1. A lovely location to keep and show off treasures on open shelf or glass-front cabinets.
  • Fine china, extra sets of dinnerware, seasonal serving pieces, heirlooms, and other priceless items
  • Table linens, exquisite silverware, serving utensils, and serving pieces
  1. Additional, sturdy cabinetry storage for items you want to keep hidden from visitors.
  • Dry supplies (if your food storage is full);
  • Pet feeding station, bags of pet food, and prescriptions;
  • Small appliances (breadmakers, blenders, coffee makers);
  • The household's medicine collection
  1. Additional counter space near the kitchen for dinner parties and entertainment. • A coffee and dessert bar.
  • A buffet for a serving line for visitors.
  1. An additional area for meal preparation, or even a secret prep kitchen.
  • Additional storage cabinets and drawers
  • A second basin for cleaning produce
  • A microwave
  • A cutting board
  • Mini-kitchen (create a creative kitchen in your area)
  • An additional refrigerator or freezer
  • An additional dishwasher
  1. a stunning home bar area for mixing drinks and hosting visitors.
  • Dry bar or wet bar (with a sink)
  • Wine coolers or wine storage racks;
  • Elegant stemware storage
  1. Increased resale value for you and future buyers of your home

A high-end luxury space that practically any potential buyer would appreciate, a great place to use natural stone where it won't be mistreated, and a favorite of real estate brokers to impress their picky clientele.


Pantry designs offer many different possibilities. A room off the kitchen or a hallway with a walk-through are both options. Alternately, pick an alcove, nook, or closet design. Whatever style of butler's pantry you select, we are confident that you will adore it!


Pantry cupboards in a small room or a closet

A built-in hutch, alcove, or closet in the dining room or close by can serve as a pantry if you don't have much area. You're set if you add stunning solid cabinets on the bottom and glass-paneled cabinets with a counter on top. It can replace a china cabinet and give your house a formal and beautiful feel.


A functional kitchen is essential. Along with organizing your refrigerator and cabinets, it's crucial to keep your pantry cupboards as tidy as possible. In actuality, it's the initial stage of organizing the kitchen. Having a well-organized pantry has a lot of benefits, including:

You Gain a Lot of Useful Space

Organizing your pantry cupboards will help you make more room. Additionally, this will assist in clearing the clutter on your counter.

Empty your pantry before organizing it. Take a height and breadth measurement of your shelves when they are completely empty. Make a list of the things you use most frequently and then go shopping for the appropriate organizers, containers, and baskets. You can then have a pantry that is better organized and better meets your needs.

Use space-saving tools as well, such turntables and tier-style shelving. You can sort goods with ease if you have these things. Turntables will also make it easier to avoid having to reach the shelf's rear.

You'll Increase Your Savings

It would be simpler for you to keep track of what you need and don't need if you are aware of what is in your pantry cupboards. No longer must you hazard a guess as to whether you have that ingredient in the kitchen.

Maintaining a running shopping list in your cupboard is another excellent advice. Make a list that is simple to access to help you remember which staples are getting low.


The end of pantry cupboards bugs

Packaging glue odors are appealing to pantry cupboards pests. They normally live in the paste bag that is only partially sealed. Having a well-organized pantry can make it easier for you to correctly wrap packages. Additionally, it will enable you to utilize labels to record product and expiration dates. In turn, you won't have to worry about food that has gone bad. Labels will make it simple to get rid of outdated and expired things, and you'll be able to acquire ingredients that are running low first.


Cleanup Is Simpler

Cleaning is much simpler when your pantry cupboards is organized. Surfaces will be simpler for you to clean, and your counters won't be cluttered. Canisters are useful for establishing structure, so use them to organize your pantry. Additionally, it will be simple for you to find what you're seeking for as a result.


Become motivated to cook more

You might not want to cook in your kitchen sometimes since it's messy. When you organize it and know what's in your pantry cupboards, you'll be humming a new tune. You'll be able to experiment with new recipes or come up with brand-new ones to enjoy with your family as a result.


Pantry is a cabinet specifically designed for storing everything related to your kitchen: cookbooks, ingredients, kitchen equipment, and tools. It is an excellent way to organize and declutter your home but to also make it more elegant and sophisticated. We know there are a lot of people out there who just know that they’re not using their kitchen’s full potential or want to change this with their new kitchen. Either way, we’re here to help. Today, we’re talking about the importance of pantry cabinets in every kitchen.

The importance of pantry cupboards

Pantry cupboards were mostly used for storing food. But, like everything else, they too evolved into a much more important part of everyday life. Now, aside from storing food, pantries can be used to organize utensils, pots, and pans, for storing spices, bowls, boards, and other kitchen necessities.

They usually have special sizes and shapes, but you can really use any cabinet in your kitchen that allows you to store everything you need. There is no need to feel pressured to have a pantry like everyone else on the Internet.

What are the benefits?

Everyone is talking about pantries and their importance, but what is even more important than both of these are their benefits. Before you decide to purchase anything, you should educate yourself and be 100% sure that you need that specific thing. It’s no different when it comes to pantry cupboards. So we have a whole list of benefits you should know:

No more clutter

Just imagine, everything you should be keeping in the pantry is somewhere else in the kitchen. Counters are probably overflowing and drawers are packed. You know that feeling when you’re looking for something, and it seems like everything else is there, except that very thing? Well, that’s a kitchen without a pantry. Pantry cabinets bring order to the kitchen chaos. They take a lot of the items that would otherwise be swallowed up by many other cabinets and probably lost when you need them the most.

Everything is in its place

No more clutter means that everything is where it needs to be. This is especially true with pantry cupboards. They are big enough to store dishes and spices, and many other things you just don’t know where to put. It will be easier to cook with friends and family because you won’t need years to find something. You’ll just say – it’s in the pantry!

Pantry cupboards are best for grocery shopping

Taking a little peek at what you do and what you don’t have in your pantry cupboards will make your life so much easier! You’ll know exactly which spices you need, how many extra plates you have to buy, and if you actually need one more cooking book. It’s simple, it’s useful and it’s easy!

Faster cleaning

You know that feeling after a good dinner you prepared when it’s time to clean up? You’re so tired of walking from one cabinet to another just to put back your spices and cooking gear. Well, pantries allow you to relax and organize everything while you’re cooking! Instead of being overwhelmed with the clutter and mess after dinner, now you’ll have time to relax with your friends and family.

P.S. If unannounced guests are at your door – it will be much easier and faster to clean the mess. You’re welcome!




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