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A larder is a synonym for pantry, which is mainly a cool storage space for a variety of items. Some older homes may still have larders, or at least amply sized storage closets with fantastic storage choices for those who prefer to shop at warehouses or can their own goods and require a nice location to keep them, because they were common in homes when refrigeration was possible. Because they are normally chilly, some larders are particularly suited to the storage of wine. If they're in an older property, though, you should look for signs of dry rot or mold, as wine corks can absorb these odors.
Hunting is something that a lord, or practically any male, might do. Hooks for hanging meat may be seen in old larders. After the meat had been cured or salted, it was stored in a cool, dry spot, preferably away from insects and rodents, to preserve it from rotting. Larders were generally situated on the shadiest side of a house, next to kitchens, to keep them cooler.
While few people today require a larder, it is true that having more storage in the kitchen is beneficial. You'll love having a convenient spot to store these things without crowding your kitchen area, especially if you shop in bulk or simply want to take advantage of infrequent deals to buy huge quantities of an item. Some individuals still construct larders, pantries, or simply storage rooms of various varieties for this reason. These can be ideal places to store a variety of items that need to be kept cool but not cold if they are kept generally cool and kept very dry. Many oils, for example, will keep longer in a pantry than they will in a refrigerator if they are exposed to light and heat.
The word larder is not derived from the word "lard," which refers to congealed beef fat. Instead, it's most likely a wordplay on the word lord. A lord, sometimes known as a lard or laird, was the caretaker of his household, including the food. He retained the keys to the pantry and selected who had the right to eat in his house. In reality, the keys to pantries and larders were frequently maintained by housekeepers and spouses, especially of true lords, and lords had nothing to do with food storage or preparation. Women were traditionally assigned to this function.

The kitchen is the hub of your house and a central location for cooking and entertaining. In most kitchens, space is a top consideration; it must accommodate cooking habits as well as movement. This is possible with a kitchen larder, which is the ultimate storage solution. Larders are making a major resurgence and are being incorporated into both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. A kitchen larder is a terrific way to store your dried foods and items in large quantities. They are really useful since they allow you to keep everything in one location. Large quantities of food, including herbs and packages, are frequently lost in the backs of cupboards and forgotten about. With handy hooks on the back of the doors, deep shelves, and inside accessories, a larder can prevent situations like these. A larder makes it easy to view what you have in an organized place. They are available in a variety of sizes and characteristics, depending on the intended function. At Truly Bespoke Kitchens Essex, we design your Bespoke larder to meet your specific demands. We can build your larder to accommodate practically any area in your kitchen, from slimline to double doored.

Today's kitchens reap the full benefits of having a larder. They can be customized to fit your family's needs. You don't need a large kitchen to house a larder; they may be made to any size to suit your requirements. Kitchens today are smartly constructed to include a larder, which is hidden beneath elegant full-height units. The remaining space in your kitchen is freed up from wall units when everything is on one wall. This provides you a more streamlined, less cluttered feel, allowing you more style and creative freedom. Many individuals adore the concept of having a pantry instead of a kitchen. When it comes to cooking and cultivating their own produce, it provides them a sense of tradition. The larder's beauty, refinement, and functionality are ideal for both ardent cooks and busy families.


Freestanding or built-in

A larder in the kitchen can be built-in or freestanding. Built-in larders are ideal for small kitchens or those who wish to make the most of their space. A built-in larder will blend in seamlessly with your cabinets for a clean and minimalistic design if you want your larder to be totally integrated with your kitchen. A classic freestanding larder can become a focal point in its own right, especially when paired with freestanding furniture.

The interior you choose is determined by whether you want a freestanding or built-in larder, as well as the purposes for which it will be used. With a wide range of materials and combinations of drawers, shelves, and compartments, your design options are nearly limitless. Deep drawers, removable trays, wine racks, and nicely organized doors with handy spice and jar racks on the inside can all be found in a kitchen larder. Adding marble or granite shelves is becoming increasingly popular since they can keep some foods cool and fresh.


Other than food storage, your kitchen larder can be put to other uses. A larder can be used to store plates, bowls, cups, and other crockery in one convenient location for those who have a large collection. If your pantry is between the kitchen and the dining room, deep drawers and shelves are a terrific way to store linen, china, silverware, and tableware so they're easy to find when it's time to set the table.

Kitchen larders have recently been turned into breakfast dressers. These are meant to hold all of your breakfast essentials, including dried items like bread, cereals, preserves, tea, and coffee. Plug points, deep drawers, and workstations can all be used to store electrical breakfast goods like a kettle and toaster. For busy families, this is highly useful and practical because it keeps everything you need in one area and keeps mess and clutter to a minimum.


Larders may be incorporated into practically any room and customized to fit your specific needs. The design possibilities and applications are unlimited with single or double doors, slimline or double larders, integrated interiors, numerous racks, materials, and drawers. Glass panes can also look modern and can be used to give style and presentation to your pantry.

Whether your larder is freestanding or built-in, you may choose between natural or hand-painted finishes. You may transform your larder into a gorgeous and timeless feature by choosing from a wide range of colors, hues, and finishes. In modern kitchens, vivid and vibrant colors are becoming increasingly fashionable for larders; tones of white and soft greys may brighten up and make your kitchen stand out. The interior of the larder can also be painted to add a splash of color when it is opened. Larders in natural woods like oak and walnut look wonderful for a more transitional aesthetic. Subtle colors like milk and plum can also give you a more classic sense.

Larders are the ideal storage solution for any kitchen, no matter how big or little. A larder may completely remodel your kitchen and improve your way of living. It is a fantastic addition to your kitchen because it combines functionality, elegance, and refinement.
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