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An essential addition to many kitchens, a pantry or larder is frequently at the top of our clients' wish lists. Although a pantry conjures up memories of a traditional kitchen area, the modern version is ideal for most homes and offers a massive amount of useful storage. Your custom Burlanes kitchen can include larders thanks to the expertise of our design team. Discover the top four factors to take into account for your ideal pantry by reading on.

Foods that required to be kept cold were originally kept in the pantry or larder, which are now used interchangeably. The area served as a makeshift refrigerator, keeping butter, milk, and eggs chilled. The term "larder" now describes a kitchen-based food storage area. A Burlanes larder makes the most of available space, and our design staff will spend time learning about your culinary preferences to ensure the area is ideal for your family.

What are your pet peeves with storage? Are they serving as room for your gin collection, or are they keeping fresh produce, enormous cereal boxes, or both? Make sure to take into account everything you want your larder to contain when planning it. Making the most of your available space, we can design a layout that suits the requirements of your family. Dry foods including flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, rice, and pulses are frequently kept in larders. Consider how often the space will be used in order to maintain it functional, and make sure that favourite meals are nearby. Many customers use vegetable drawers to keep their produce cool and out of direct sunlight so it can last a long time.

Marble slabs are a fantastic addition since they not only serve to keep the temperature steady but also give the kitchen an extra workspace.

You might want to incorporate internal power plugs into your design to create a unique space. In fact, a lot of customers are now deciding to design their own opulent breakfast pantry. Here are the coffee maker, toaster, and other essentials for a sumptuous breakfast. We've also made areas with a stand mixer or a breadmaker for seasoned bakers. This is the appeal of personalised design—you can add anything or make any improvements that make your life simpler. Each piece of furniture is manufactured to order, customised, and installed according to your requirements.

Each Larder contained in one of our hand-crafted doors can be as unique as you are. For you to display your collection of glasses or teacups, we can add glass to the doors. We do recommend customers to use our custom pickle or spice racks, which can help you organise the space, if your doors are solid wood. We take great pride in the aesthetic appeal of our custom-made designs, both inside and out. Given the superior level of craftsmanship, we are confident in offering a lifetime warranty on our larders.

When it comes to functional pantry design, lighting may make all the difference. Our design team offers fantastic solutions for your larder, and you must be able to see and access all of its components. Additionally, we have ways to conceal LED strips, which makes them a magnificent complement to your finished design.

A larder is a defining element of any kitchen design, and Burlanes is aware that you want it to be a focal point that exudes both functionality and aesthetic appeal. You can select the ideal shade of luxurious Mylands paint and any of our traditional shaker doors. Your kitchen aspirations can become a reality thanks to us. Let us assist you in producing something exceptional by getting in touch with us right away or stopping by one of our design studios in Essex or Kent.

You must thoroughly clean out your cupboards before organising them. We all have a few herb jars from 2015, so throw away any expired food and take out everything you know you won't use in the near future. Be honest with yourself and consider whether you will utilise the canned fruit you purchased for a dish you can no longer locate, similar to organising your closet. ‘ Deliver them quickly to a food bank instead, where others will be grateful to receive them.

Now that you have the equipment and food items you want to store, classify them into groups such as dried pulses, jars, cereal boxes, snacks, and so on. Sort the foods inside the categories according to their expiration dates, placing the freshest items at the back of the rack.

Decant what you need into glass jars or Tupperware, but don't go overboard switching around the packaging to make a cute Instagram moment. You don't need tins of baked beans in wicker baskets. Making life as logical as feasible is the goal here. Meaghan continues, "Wire baskets work better for fruit or vegetables, where you don't impede the airflow, but glass jars work great for things that you want to keep air-tight (like coffees, teas, and dried products)." As disappointing as this may be for Kilner jar enthusiasts, square containers take up less room on a shelf.

Cutting off the product label and sell-by date, placing it in the jar's top and adhering it to the underside of the lid is the simplest approach to label the goods you are decanting. As an alternative, Meaghan writes on the jar with a white chalk marker. She says that it works great and is simple to remove.

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