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The kitchen is the centre of your house and where most cooking and entertaining takes place. Most kitchens prioritise space since it must allow for movement and accommodate cooking habits. You can do this since larders are the best storage option. In both classic and modern kitchens, larders are making a significant comeback and are being included into the kitchen design. Kitchen larders is a fantastic solution to give you a tonne of storage for your goods and dried foods. They are particularly useful since they let you keep everything in one location that is easily accessible. Large quantities of food, including herbs and packages, are frequently lost at the back of cabinets and forgotten about. Such problems can be avoided by using larders. With its deep shelves, useful racks on the back of the doors, and internal accessories, a larder makes it simple to see what you have in a well-organized environment. Depending on the intended usage, they come in a variety of sizes and with various characteristics. Today's kitchens are fully utilising the advantages of having a larder. They can be created to fit the lifestyle of your family. A larder may be built to any size to suit your needs, so you don't need a big kitchen to fit one in. Modern kitchens are carefully constructed to include a larder, which is concealed beneath elegant full-height shelves. The remaining room in your kitchen is free of wall units because everything is on one wall. 

You feel more organised and uncluttered as a result, which provides you more choice in terms of style and design. Many people adore the concept of having larders separate from their kitchen. They experience a sense of traditional values when they cook and raise their own food. Both devoted cooks and busy families will appreciate the larder's flair, refinement, and usefulness.

Freestanding or Integrated Larders

Freestanding or built-in kitchen larders are both options. Built-in larders are better for people with smaller kitchens or those who wish to maximise their available space. If you want your kitchen and pantry to function together perfectly, a built-in larder will blend in seamlessly with your cabinets for a clean and minimalist look. A typical freestanding larder can become a feature in and of itself with a bigger design that includes freestanding furnishings to match its presence.

The décor you choose will depend on whether you go for a freestanding or built-in larder and the applications for it. The variety of materials and combinations of drawers, shelves, and compartments nearly endless design possibilities. A kitchen pantry typically has deep drawers, removable trays, wine racks, and elegantly placed doors with functional racks for spices and jars inside. Since they can keep some items reasonably cool and fresh, marble and granite shelves are growing in popularity.

Uses You can use your kitchen larders for purposes aside from just storing food. A larder is a practical way to organise plates, bowls, cups, and other objects for people who have a lot of china. If your pantry is located between a cooking and dining room, deep drawers and shelves are a great alternative to keep linen, china, silverware, and crockery so they are accessible when setting the table.

Breakfast dressers have most recently been created using kitchen pantries. You may store everything you need for breakfast in them, including dried goods like bread, cereal, preserves, tea, and coffee. You can also include workstations, deep drawers, and plug sockets for your electric kettle and toasters, among other breakfast-related items. Because it keeps everything you need in one place and lessens mess and clutter, this is particularly practical for busy families.


To suit your demands, larders can be made in virtually any size and integrated into almost any setting. With a variety of single or double doors, slimline or double larders, integrated interiors, different racks, materials, and drawers, there are countless design options and functionalities available. Glass panels can also look contemporary and be placed to your refrigerator for display.

Whether it is freestanding or built into another structure, you can choose to have your larders natural or hand painted. You may create a beautiful and timeless accent in your pantry with a wide range of colours, tints, and finishes. White and light grey tones may brighten and distinguish your kitchen. Larders are increasingly being painted in vivid colours in contemporary kitchens. The interior of the larder can also be decorated to add a pop of colour when it is opened. Natural wood larders, such as oak and walnut, look great in more transitional designs. Additionally, you can feel more conventional by utilising muted hues like milk and plum.

No matter the size of the kitchen, larders are the best solution for storage. By including a pantry in your kitchen, you can improve your lifestyle. It is a great addition to your kitchen that mixes style, elegance, and usefulness.

What images do you have in mind when you consider a kitchen larder? You might be able to remember a classic, black-and-white advertisement or a summertime trip you had with your grandparents.

So, give it another thought! Recently making a comeback, this useful kitchen item is swiftly becoming the newest "must-have" in country-style kitchens across the nation.

If you're young enough to be unsure of what a kitchen larders genuinely are, allow us to explain.

Larders looks like a hybrid of a kitchen cabinet and a storage area. Despite the fact that they come in a range of styles, they are all capable of storing a variety of foods while keeping them cool, dry, and fresh in/on a variety of drawers, shelves, and racks.

Larders in kitchens, history and present

The Medieval French phrase "lardier," which describes preserving hog joints for the winter by slathering them in lard and keeping them in gigantic barrels, is where the word "larder" originates. Improvements in shop accessibility and reliable food supply gradually eliminated the need for a larder, making this storage solution obsolete.

Larders are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. One is the fashion for an aged appearance. Practically speaking, larders can provide extra, organised storage for those who appreciate shopping carefully, buying in bulk, and storing products in larger quantities—possibly in an effort to be more economical or ecologically responsible.

Kitchen larder installation provides three benefits: • It can keep work areas neat. To hide the mess, you can stuff a lot of things inside and shut the doors. Keeping your grocery delivery or items from the farmer's market or farm shop is quick and easy. Where better to show off your beautifully made cake tins and rows of old Kilner jars? If you want to make your kitchen larders the centre of attention, our solid wood interiors with ambient lighting can be left open to tastefully exhibit your dinner service and glasses.

Do you want to reduce food waste? Larders are an excellent source. Herbs, potatoes, bananas, and onions are among the items that do best in them because they last longer when kept out of direct sunlight. Tinned foods can also be kept in them for storage.


The purpose of larders

A larder or pantry cabinet is a large, full-height kitchen cabinet that is intended for keeping food. A pantry or larder is a type of kitchen cabinet that can be placed adjacent to a variety of other cabinets or can stand alone.

Why choose a pantry?

Larders and other similar kitchen storage are experiencing a significant return in kitchen design. Ingenious kitchen storage is necessary to fit the way that we all shop, cook, and live in today's world. Shopping tastes have changed as a result of the pandemic. Consumers want to shop less frequently and make more advanced food plans. As a result, a typical kitchen must store more food, which increases the demand for better storage and raises awareness of the food supply.

A rise in home baking and cooking has coincided with new purchasing habits. Nobody ever forgets the lack of flour and yeast during the first pandemic lockdown! Additionally, there has been a rise in the consumption of sustainable and locally sourced food. It is crucial to store ingredients properly while preserving them for batch cooking. It is also crucial for maintaining the quality of your finished stock of homemade jams, pickles, and preserves.

Larder cupboards are the perfect type of kitchen storage for a contemporary kitchen.

If your kitchen has a larders or pantry cabinet, it will feel more traditional. Many years ago, the cornerstone of every kitchen was the larder. It was typically a nearby chamber with storage for dried goods as well as a meshed-off area to keep dairy and meat cool and secure.

In the first half of the 1900s, when refrigerator freezer technology advanced, the larder was phased out since it was thought to be "old fashioned." But as things have evolved, larders are now considered a necessary component of every modern kitchen.

Boost the amount of storage in a tiny kitchen.

You don't need a large kitchen to add larders. Many of our clients with small kitchens ask us to include larders so they can make the most of their new space.

It is definitely worthwhile to consider incorporating one into the design of your smaller kitchen because it might be a very efficient use of space.

The footprint of a base cabinet is the same as that of a small larder. It can extend all the way to the ceiling without taking up any additional floor space.

The Blum Space tower, an integrated larder with a contemporary twist, makes excellent use of the available space. We frequently install them to provide our clients with access to some sizeable storage.

Pull-out drawers make it possible to access the back of each unit and utilise every square centimetre of space while neatly tucking into a small space.

As long as they can each hold up to 70kg of contents, you can keep as many tins and jars as you need in each drawer.

Should I select a standalone or an integrated larder?

Consider whether a more integrated design that makes the larder fit in with the rest of your kitchen is what you desire. Or perhaps you like a look that exudes more independence.

Going integrated will provide you more freedom if you wish to add lights or electrical equipment to your unit.

If you don't use your microwave much, it can be neatly placed inside of your larders. If you tuck your kitchen away, it will have more room and cleaner lines. When we construct the inside components of larders, we carefully consider how the electrical feed will operate in your kitchen.

If you go with a freestanding style, you can paint the larder cupboard the same colour as the rest of the kitchen to match.

The interior of the larder closet can be organised to increase efficiency in the kitchen.

A well-designed larder offers a wide range of storage options along with an easy view of all your dried items.

On the inside of cabinet doors, spice racks can be a very practical addition. It gives you rapid access to the things you use the most.

Interior arrangement of larders

Your choice of drawers and pull-outs for the larder's interior design will rely on the products you intend to store there and the type of cook you are.

Customers can pick between drawers and baskets. If you'd like some pointers, we can let you know what things you might want to keep in mind.

Practical storage is a need in any kitchen, and getting it just right for you demands careful consideration during the design phase.

Using the larders will be delightful for a very long time if the kitchen functions well.

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